Hello, I’m Uli. I’m a freelance creative director, animator and illustrator.
I enjoy being part of the whole creative process — from developing concepts in close collaboration with my clients to designing and storyboarding and eventually bringing the concept to life by using different types of animation techniques.
I like to interpret things in new ways, find visual metaphors not seen before and to add character to the most abstract things.
Over the years, I have worked on a broad range of animation projects, graphical illustrations and interactive projects for clients that vary from NGO’s to advertising agencies, from small to big companies or simply for myself.
Whether you are looking for someone to produce your new engaging explainer, develop a motion branding or simply someone to be part of your production team, feel free to get in touch with me.
Things I'm often hired for
Art Direction
Animation Direction
Style Development / Illustration
Motion-Design / 2D Animation
3D Animation
Awards and Recognition
animago Award 2014 – Best Visualisation — PESETA (NOMINATION)
animago Award 2013 – Best Visualisation — LET'S TALK ABOUT SOIL
Deutscher Umweltmedienpreis 2012 — ENDING OVERFISHING
animago Award 2012 – Best Visualisation — ENDING OVERFISHING
Filme für die Erde Award — OVERFISHING OF THE OCEAN
NaturVision Filmfestival 2012 — OVERFISHING OF THE OCEAN (NOMINATION)
Green Film Festival Seoul 2012 — OVERFISHING OF THE OCEAN
SAE Alumni Award 2011 – Best 3D Animation — OVERFISHING OF THE OCEAN
Viral Video Award 2011 — OVERFISHING OF THE OCEAN
»Shorts Attack« October 2011 — OVERFISHING OF THE OCEAN
Annual Multimedia 2012 — OVERFISHING OF THE OCEAN
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