How to understand the complexity of land
LANDSUPPORT is a tool, developed by a group of specialists from the University in Naples (Italy). It aims to create a tool that helps different stakeholders of land, making better, more sustainable decisions on their most important resource - the soil.
We were asked by the leader of the project - Prof. Fabio Terribile - to create an explainer, that shows why it is so important, yet so difficult to develop such a specific tool. Our main sources of inspiration were layers of soil profiles, found in the University's inventory, as well as quaint aerial photography of fields and land. To make the dynamic complexities of presented topic more tangible, we went for a reduced visual approach, that gives a piece of straightforward information.
Direction: Uli Henrik Streckenbach
Art Direction, Animation, Compositing: Dominik Grejc
Design: Uli Henrik Streckenbach, Dominik Grejc
Character: Uli Henrik Streckenbach
Storyboard, Layout: Uli Henrik Streckenbach
Additional Animation: Martin Hentze
Music and Sound Design: Marcus Illgenstein
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